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Retirement Trends, Current Monetary Policy, and the Reverse Mortgage Market”

By David W. Johnson, PhD., and Zamira S. Simkins, PhD
This article assesses the current and future challenges facing retirees, demonstrates how a reverse mortgage can be used to provide a supplemental source of income, and explains the potential impacts current monetary policy and recent changes to the HECM program may have an impact on the reverse mortgage market. Read more.





Are Distorted Media Reports Scaring Seniors Away from Reverse Mortgages?”

By Jack Guttentag
In this commentary, Wharton School emeritus finance professor Jack Guttentag attacks the news media for its distorted descriptions of the reverse mortgage program, which is scaring off millions of seniors whose lives could be enriched by it.  Read more.



Reversing the Negative View of Reverse Mortgages”

By Alicia Munnell, Center for Retirement Planning, Boston College
The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau released a report on reverse mortgages. The report is quite negative - in my view, excessively negative - and the press summaries omit many of the nuances of the original document, which makes it sound more negative than it is.  Read more.