Liz Weston, a certified financial planner and columnist with NerdWallet, recently wrote an article about how to get your house retirement-ready. In the article, Start Early to Get Your House Retirement-Ready, she encourages people in their 50s, to start by thinking about “how you’ll live in your home if you had less mobility, less energy, and potentially less money.”

Many people want to remain in their homes after they retire rather than move to a senior living facility or community. Unfortunately, most homes aren’t set up to help us age safely and affordably.

If your goal is to “age in place,” some advance preparation could help make that possible — or point to better alternatives.

“Somewhere in your 50s, hopefully, you’re starting to think seriously about are you going to be able to stay in the house you’re in? Or are you going to need to make changes?” says DeDe Jones, a certified financial planner in Denver.

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