COVID-19 Safety Tips for Senior Drivers - Reverse Mortgage

Travel is complicated, even without a global pandemic. For seniors and other high-risk individuals, it can be even more intimidating when you’re dependent on public transportation that presents increased exposure to germs or disease. Planes, buses, taxis and even ride-sharing companies can pose a threat, with COVID-19 potentially floating in the air or living for hours — or even days — on surfaces.

Still, being out and about is sometimes necessary, regardless of your age. There are groceries to be purchased, essential supplies to stock up on and errands or activities to run, such as doctor’s appointments, family visits or religious services. With CDC guidelines urging Americans only to venture out when absolutely mandatory, there has been a marked decline in public transportation use since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, and in particular, seniors are looking for safer ways to travel.

Many seniors have opted to get back behind the wheel, with their personal vehicle serving as a safer means for travel overall. If you are preparing to hit the road during a pandemic, these are some things to consider for the sake of everyone’s safety. Read more.