Dayton, Nevada

Greta and Arthur drove halfway across the country from Wichita, Kansas to Dayton, Nevada (a suburb of Reno) to be closer to their family. Along the way, they were fascinated by the wind turbines dotting the country side. Arthur is a retired engineer from Boeing and Vivian is a former equipment inspector for another aircraft company. With that experience, they couldn’t help but consider the potential savings from such a unique energy source.

Once settled in Nevada, they dreamed up a pair of massive wind turbines in their new yard that would both cut back their energy expenses and their energy footprint. Greta said that they were, “getting tired” of the propane. It cost $1,800 in four months. We are not on a gas line, we would have to run it a block and a half to get here. We looked into solar power, but the companies wanted over $100,000 for a 2,200 square foot home like ours.

Greta and Arthur have been married for 35 years. They have, between the two of them, five children and nine grand children. When Greta lost her leg to a car accident, the couple moved to a new more accessible home with the help of a reverse mortgage.

Now that they had this new idea, they refinanced their reverse with the help of loan officer Frank Simplicio. “Frank came out, talked to us about it. And we decided to go for it.” They got connected to Skystream Wind Turbines out of Flagstaff , Arizona. Greta says, “We went ahead and ordered them for $15,000 each and Nevada Power gave us a $13,000 rebate for the two of them.” The reverse covered the rest of the expense. There are two or three others in their neighborhood who are looking into reverse mortgages and many more who are looking into building their own turbines. According to Greta, her monthly electric bills have been cut by more than half and the benefits are obvious. “My brother is doing it next year. Another neighbor just did it as well. This is fantastic! The whole country needs this!,” she adds.

In fact, the country has already begun to pick up on the need. Vivian gushes, “The national guard came with a representative from Washington, DC. Thirtysome odd people from all over the United States came in a big tour bus.” The national guard was particularly interested in setting up similar turbines on their bases.

Additionally, the couple is looking into federal grants for wind energy sources that may be able to off set their expenses even more.

“We don’t take from the ground. We take from the air,” says Greta of her new towering symbol of greener living. “Our county totally supports this. We don’t have to burn fuel and pollute the air any more.” Of naysayers, Greta says, “others say that they don’t want it bothering their view. Well, we should shut off their gas for 24 hours.

Then they’ll support it!”