Every worker should be prioritizing retirement savings to ensure they have a secure future. Investing for your later years is important because you can’t live on Social Security alone. You’ll likely need to rely on your nest egg to make up the difference between the income you need and the amount your retirement benefits provide.

Unfortunately, recent research from the Insured Retirement Institute finds most people are falling far short of investing the amount they need for their investments to provide for them after their paychecks stop.

Now, while it’s good news many people are saving at least some money, the bad news is that investing less than 5% of earnings is far below what you’ll likely need to support yourself as a senior. In fact, while the traditional rule of thumb was to invest at least 10% of your wages for your future, even this probably isn’t enough given lower projected future returns, longer lifespans, rising healthcare costs, and the erosion of Social Security’s buying power.

The good news is, there are some techniques many people can implement that can help bring their savings rate up. Read more.