NRMLA Members must adhere to a strict Code of Ethics & Professional Responsibility that requires the highest ethical treatment of reverse mortgage customers before, during, and after they receive their loans. To make borrowers totally aware of these guidelines, NRMLA administers a public education campaign, entitled Borrow with Confidence.

Borrow with Confidence highlights our promise to the customers of NRMLA members that they will be treated in the most honorable and ethical manner. At the core of the Borrow with Confidence campaign is the Pledge to Reverse Mortgage Borrowers and Your Roadmap to a Reverse Mortgage documents. Both the pledge and roadmap documents clearly outline what borrowers can expect from a reverse mortgage lender during the life of the lending process. Seniors interested in learning how a reverse mortgage might better their financial health can Borrow with Confidence from a NRMLA member.

The Pledge to Reverse Mortgage Borrowers is an oath to borrowers. It is a written document that details everything a borrower can expect from a NRMLA member lender. It includes 19 different promises to borrowers that, when followed, will allow borrowers to have a safe and deliberate lending experience. The Pledge is a blueprint for lenders to give customers full information.

Your Roadmap to a Reverse Mortgage is about transparency. It’s a detailed guide that clearly explains the reverse mortgage process from the moment a customer considers a reverse mortgage to repayment. The Roadmap even offers “red lights” that can alert borrowers to potential problems in the process.

Reverse mortgages are valuable tools and important lifeline for many seniors. Borrow with Confidence demonstrates that the NRMLA is committed to ensuring that borrowers are provided with all available tools to make an informed and deliberate product decision.


As with any financial transaction–be it a mortgage, a credit card or even a bank account–there are specific rules and obligations attached to reverse mortgages. Some of them more… Cautions