The National Reverse Mortgage Lenders Association is the national voice and conscience of the reverse mortgage industry.

We view our responsibility as presenting America’s senior population with the best possible financial product and providing them assurance that they can borrow with confidence from a NRMLA member.

To fulfill this alpine responsibility, on a daily basis, NRMLA works closely with our 300 member companies and over 2000 individual members as well as with Congress, the Department of Housing and Urban Development, bank regulatory agencies, and state legislatures to review and refine the reverse mortgage delivery process. We view our role as explaining the methodology and needs of our members to government and explaining the methodology and needs of government to our members. In all of these situations, the bottom line must be, and is, how all of our actions and decisions affect the aging clients we are here to serve.

At the same time, within our membership, NRMLA vehemently advocates commitment to the highest ethical standards and the placement of the clients’ needs above any personal gain, recognition or achievement. An inappropriate loan not closed is as valuable to the program as an appropriate loan closed.

NRMLA membership requires signing and adhering to a Code of Ethics and Professional Responsibility (PDF) that commits all members, whatever their role in the process, to performing their jobs with integrity and empathy. We encourage members to look at their presentation to consumers as if they are sitting on the other side of the kitchen table.

In addition, NRMLA sponsors a Certified Reverse Mortgage Professional designation program that provides participating members’ with the opportunity to affirm a commitment to further education.

As the advocates for the reverse mortgage industry, NRMLA works with federal and local government officials on legislation and regulation to continually review the financial product and the methods by which it is marketed and presented.

We consider the opportunity to serve America’s seniors and provide them with security a rare privilege. Our mission is to show our gratefulness for the privilege every day by staunchly advocating a product, a program and a membership that strive to earn trust.


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