Fidelity Investments® released its latest Retirement Savings Assessment, which revealed that America’s Retirement Score has moved back into the yellow to 78, a five-point decline from an all-time high of 83 reported in 2020. This means the typical American saver is on target to have 78 percent of the income needed to cover expenses during Retirement.

Fidelity’s Retirement Savings Assessment is built upon comprehensive data from more than 3,500 survey responses that are run through the extensive Retirement planning platform Fidelity uses every day with customers.

Other survey highlights:

  • 48 percent of working American households are likely to be able to cover at least their essential expenses in retirement, based on the Retirement Scores that were calculated;
  • Over eight in ten (82 percent) are concerned that inflation will eat into their finances;
  • Despite many feeling that they have little control, most (85 percent) households are taking some remedial action, including 52 percent who say they have cut discretionary spending and 19 percent who have cut essential expenses; and
  • 71 percent of Baby Boomers said they expect to have at least a somewhat comfortable lifestyle in retirement.