“Why Your Retirement Plan Should Include a Reverse Mortgage”

By Julie Iannuzzi and Justin Ho
Longtime financial journalist, author and retirement export Robert Powell interviews Steve Resch of Finance of America Reverse about the benefits of incorporating reverse mortgages in a comprehensive retirement plan.  Read more… 


“Reverse Mortgages Are Beginning to Gain Acceptance”

By Scott Van Voorhis
The reverse mortgage is gaining respect among financial planners thanks to tighter regulations. Read more… 


“Should You Get One of the New Reverse Mortgages”

By Donna Fuscaldo
Proprietary reverse mortgages offer opportunities for consumers living in higher-priced properties that exceed FHA’s maximum loan amount, or don’t meet FHA’s property guidelines. Read more… 



“The Mortgage That Pays You”

By Paula Chin
Your parents have spent years faithfully making mortgage payments. Maybe it’s time to let that hard-earned equity give them cash in their bank account. Read more… 


“Senior Homeowners Give Jumbo Reverse Mortgages New Life”

By Robyn A. Friedman
For homeowners with higher home values or who live in properties that do not qualify for FHA reverse mortgages, a proprietary reverse mortgage may be an option to consider.  Read more… 


“8 Steps to Building a Better Nest Egg for Your Future”

By Robert Powell
Retirement writer Robert Powell discussed a new report from Stephen Wendel, head of behavioral sciance at Morningstar, that recommended a reverse mortgage line of credit at age 62 as one of eight strategies for building a retirement nest egg.  Read more… 


“Reverse Mortgages Could Be Next Hop Topic in Retirement Planning”

By Melanie Waddell
While use of reverse mortgages isn’t widespread, advisors should nonetheless brush up on the products, as they could become the next “hot topic,” according to Dr. Wade Pfau at The American College of Financial Services.  Read more… 


“Researchers Say Reverse Mortgages Deserve a Second Look”

By Jamie Hopkins
According to research presented at a recent symposium by Dr. Wade Pfau and Dr. Barry Sacks, reverse mortgages can be used in a number of ways to support a more secure retirement by allowing the homeowner to age in place.  Read more… 


“In Divorces, Reverse Mortgages Could Help Resolve a Big Problem”

By Benny Kass
In his syndicated Washington Post real estate column, Maryland lawyer Benny Kass used a fictional scenario to explain how a reverse mortgage can provide financial solutions for older couples getting divorced. Read more… 


“How to Find the Best Reverse Mortgage Lender”

By U.S. News Staff
This online guide from U.S. News & World Report encourages readers to find out if they can benefit from a reverse mortgage and explains what to look for in a lender. Read more… 


“Reverse Mortgages That Work”

By Pat Mertz Esswein
For homeowners whose wealth is tied up in their home, one versatile solution is a reverse mortgage, explains Pat Mertz Esswein. It lets you stay put, ditch your mortgage payment (if you still have one) and tap your home equity. Read more… 


“Reverse Mortgages: Are They Right For Your Clients?”

Should investors buy reverse mortgages from an adviser or the Fonz? Wade Pfau and Jamie Hopkins of the American College of Financial Services offer some ideas about reverse mortgages and home equity. Read more...


“Cash-Strapped Seniors: Weigh Pros and Cons of Reverse Mortgages”

By Andrew Osterland
Although reverse mortgages have traditionally been seen as a last resort for retirees who’ve exhausted their other assets, they are a very flexible product that can help reduce living expenses and preserve other assets for the future.  Read more


“How to Handle the Cost of Aging Parents: Is a Reverse Mortgage Right for You?”

With people living longer than ever, financial fitness is as important as physical health. TODAY financial editor Jean Chatzky explains strategies for handling expenses for your parents later in life, including reverse mortgages and long-term insurance.  Read more


“Can a Reverse Mortgage Stabilize a Wobbly Retirement-Income Stool?”

By Janet Kidd Stewart
Financial planners, who once disparaged reverse mortgages, are beginning to recommend them for clients as a proactive retirement income strategy, rather than a last-ditch effort to remain in a house. Read more


“Using Reverse Mortgages in a Responsible Retirement Income Plan”

By Wade Pfau, Professor, The American College of Financial Services
Two benefits give opening a reverse mortgage earlier in retirement the potential to improve retirement outcomes, even after accounting for loan costs. Read more...


“Why Reverse Mortgages Are Worth a Look”

By Pete Woodring, Financial Advisor
Until recently, the subject of reverse mortgages rarely ever came up in my consultations with clients. I’ve since reconsidered my bias against reverse mortgages and now view them as a viable tool in the context of a holistic retirement income plan in certain situations. Here’s whyRead more


“Getting a Reverse Mortgage, but Not From a Celebrity”

By Ron Lieber

If you don’t have a reverse mortgage and don’t know anyone who does, your familiarity with the product probably comes from television commercials.. Read more


“Getting a Reverse Mortgage, but Not From a Celebrity”

By Ron Lieber

If you don’t have a reverse mortgage and don’t know anyone who does, your familiarity with the product probably comes from television commercials.. Read more