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Bay Equity LLC

NMLS #76988

Bay Equity is a family-owned, full-service mortgage lender that prioritizes personal relationships & personal solutions for seniors. Call today!

Lenders Dean Hayes (WA)

HighTechLending Inc.

NMLS #7147

HighTechLending is committed to assisting mature Americans in achieving financial security through a responsive, knowledgeable and honest approach.

Lenders Samy Khoury (WA)

Jack Tenold LLC

NMLS #1819307

Seniors seeking information about a reverse mortgage deserve the full attention of the loan officer. I do Reverse Mortgages only. Can I help you?

Lenders Jack Tenold (WA)

Open Mortgage, LLC

NMLS #2975

Whether you’re shopping for yourself, your family or a potential client, our Reverse Mortgage Professionals will help you make an informed decision.

Lenders Kevin O’Brien (WA)

Reverse Mortgage Lending

NMLS #143654

Reverse Mortgage Lending is committed to helping individuals and families obtain financial freedom. Our experienced reverse mortgage loan officers and processors take pride in our clients finding the…

Lenders Laurie Kunnath (FL, TX, WA)