More than 1.2 million American families have taken reverse mortgages to improve their lives since the program began in 1989.

Here you will find real life stories of people like you who used a reverse mortgage to pay off a forward mortgage and reduce their monthly expenses, to supplement their income from Social Security and pensions, to pay for healthcare or in-home care, or even to start a new business.

Click on any title to the left and you will find stories here about seniors from 62 to well into their 90s and from all different parts of the United States.

We thank all the borrowers who have generously shared their experiences with us. All these stories are true, but in order to protect their privacy, names have been changed.

Life of Leisure

Vince Scarich has lived 47 years in his three-bedroom, two-bath ranch house, surrounded by dense foliage and towering trees, in the Los Altos area of California’s Silicon Valley. more… Life of Leisure